Softball Hitting Nets Reviews

As softball and baseball become year around sports, an essential piece of softball equipment for hitting practice is a batting practice net. We have used several throughout the years and found that some portable batting nets are better than others.

Jugs Sports Instant Screen

Jugs-Sports-Instant-ScreenThe Jugs Sports Instant Screen is a classic and has been used by baseball and softball players alike for many years.  It is strong and sturdy enough to stand up on its own and won’t tip over even when hit by the hardest ball.  It is the easiest thing in the world to set up. Just take it out of the carrier and toss it, physics will take care of the rest.

I highly recommend the instant screen if you are planning on leaving it in one place for extended amounts of time since it is so sturdy.  If, however, you are looking for something portable that will be moved often, I will recommend something different later.

This particular Jugs Batting Cage acts like a kite when wind is applied and folding it up to get it back in the carrying case is like trying to make an origami swan from a piece of cardboard.  The folds and twists have to be done exactly right or the size is off and won’t fit back in the carrier.  Granted, it does get easier with practice, but, personally, I prefer something I can do the first time, which is why it’s not my favorite if it is being moved frequently.


SKLZ Quickster Net

The SKLZ Quickster hitting net comes in 2 sizes: 5X5 and 7X7. While the 7ft version is a little more expensive, it is worth the extra couple of bucks because the larger batting cage net comes in handy for those balls that get miss hit.  Just that extra 2ft can keep windows intact, cars from being dented and other players from being hit.

The Quickster 7X7 is one of my favorite softball batting nets because it is so easy to put up and take down. It usually takes less than 30 seconds to put up. Taking it down doesn’t take much longer, but it does take some skill to get it back in the carrying case that comes with it.

This sports net is more to be used outside because it does fall over from time to time and the stakes that come with it keep it sturdy so that it won’t tip. It also comes with the smaller net that you see in the picture above. This makes it great to also be used as a target for players to either pitch into or throw from the infield or outfield. We have spent many, many practices hitting balls with a Louisville Xeno into one of these nets and it’s never disappointed.


Easton XLP Net

Easton-7FT-XLP-NetThe Easton XLP Net is just a solid Softball Batting Practice Net.  It is well balanced so it works well both inside and out.  It has a wide base so it doesn’t tip easily.  it sets up quickly and breaks down easily as well.  This softball net also has the smaller net on the inside that makes it work well for pitching practice as well as hitting.

The only real downside to this portable practice net is that the velcro at the bottom that holds the net in place around the frame frays and wears rather quickly with repeated use.  The canvas sleeves on each side that hold the frame in place also fray over time.