Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Softball Bat Reviews

As far as I’m concerned, Louisville Slugger is the premier bat maker in both baseball and softball. When you watch Major League Baseball, the majority of players swing Louisville Slugger bats. As a college player, I used a Louisville Slugger bat for most of my career and I see the same thing over and over again as I travel with our girls.  Serious players love these bats.

2016 Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus FPXN168, FPXN169, FPXN160 and FPXN161




Our team has gone almost exclusively with the Louisville Slugger Xeno.  Some girls are using the 2014 version, some have the 2015 and a couple have upgraded to the new 2016 and they all perform the same.  They consistently deliver a lot of pop with a large sweet spot and have proven to be more durable than any of us expected.

One of the concerns with composite bats is that the thin walls make them crack or break prematurely.  Some of our girls have been using their bats for 2+ years and none of them have had any trouble. We play in the midwest so playing in cold weather is also a concern, but again, no issues so far. And in addition to games, we have taken swing after swing into portable batting nets in all kinds of weather, all with no structural issues.

One of the great things about the Louisville Slugger Xeno bat is that it does come in 4 different weights.  It can be purchased as a drop 8 (FPXN168), 9 (FPXN169), 10 (FPXN160) or 11 (FPXN161).  This just means that you take the number of inches and subtract this number to find out the weight.  For example a 32 inch drop 10 bat weighs 22 ounces.

Louisville Slugger’s description from slugger.com:

Extreme POWER. Maximum POP. The #1 bat in Fastpitch is now even better with the Xeno PLUS featuring the NEW exclusive Performance PLUS Composite with zero friction double wall design, allowing the barrel to reach its maximum flex without resistance. The patented iST technology, 2-piece construction and patented S1iD barrel technology give the Xeno PLUS the right mix of undeniable power, a massive sweet spot, superior balance, and a lighter swing weight. Unmatched PERFORMANCE you can see and hear right out of the wrapper!

-Performance PLUS Composite with zero friction double wall design
-iST technology
-2-piece bat construction
-S1iD barrel technology
-Balanced Swing Weight
-2 1/4″ barrel
-7/8″ standard handle




2016 Louisville Slugger LXT Plus FPLX168, FPLX169, FPLX160 & FPLX161

The Louisville Slugger LXT Plus is very similar to the Xeno in that is made of the same material with the same technology. The big difference is that the LXT is actually a 3 piece bat connected with 2 rubber seals. This allows more of a whip action allowing the ball to travel farther because of the extra pop you get with multi pieced bats.

Our experience with this bat has also been the same as the Xeno. It is well balanced, durable and hot. The ball jumps off this bat like few others. The only drawback anyone that I know has is the price tag.

I won’t bore you with Louisville Slugger’s description, it’s the same as above, except “3-piece construction” instead of 2-piece construction”.