About Us

We are a collection of coaches, players and parents who have found out the hard way that softball equipment is expensive and hard to figure out.  Sure, there are plenty of sporting goods stores out there, but they don’t really know because they don’t use it.  Sure, there my be some athletes or ex athletes that work there, but you’re no more likely to find someone who works there that knows what they’re talking about than you will at at a big box retailer.

As coaches, our players’ parents will often ask us what the best equipment is to buy and whether a $300 bat is really that much better than a $50 bat.  So, we thought we’d start this blog to pass along some of this information online to help players, coaches and the parents who work hard for their money and have to shell out high prices for bats, gloves, cleats and bags along with all the bleacher time that comes with loving a softball player.